* Do you want to reconnect with your body and be free to experience more pleasure?

*Do you want to release past trauma, blocks, abuse, and sexual wounding?

*Do you want to draw more abundance into your life?

* Do you want to attract a healthy intimate relationship where you feel loved, honored and respected?

* Do you want to release fear and step into your Power, Creativity, and Passion?

* Do you want to align with your soul’s true purpose?

* Do you want to expand and make a real impact in the world?

I work with courageous and mature woman, like yourself, who are on a spiritual journey and ready to dive deep to heal and release past trauma and abuse from their bodies so they can experience more pleasure and passion in their lives.
I am not here to heal, change or fix you. I know you are already whole and perfect as you are.  If you choose to have an individual sacred session with me, I am present and non-judgmental as everything is welcome and embraced. I am the facilitator,  not the healer. Each woman is her own inner healer.  I am a vessel of love and a clear channel for the Divine to work through me.
The sacred healing session is about holding space for a woman’s sexual awakening and healing.  I am willing to laugh, shout, tremble and cry with you as you release trauma and abuse from your body. The space for this transformation is sacred and holy and therefore held with deep integrity.
Each individual session is different and may involve talking and emoting, physically moving the body or no words exchanged. There is never an agenda of what will be occurring during a session. It is receiving without reciprocation and it is affirming to yourself your worthiness to be gifted. You are invited to experience your own sexual energy as your own.

  • I will help you access and listen to your own divine feminine wisdom within.

  • I will help you unlock your feminine potential and power to feel strong, solid, balanced, empowered and confident in all that you do.

  • I will help you on the path of deep, profound self-healing and spiritual awakening and consciousness.

  • I will help you embody and serve the divine feminine in the world.

  • I will help you balance the relationship between masculine and feminine within yourself so you can show up in the world balanced.

It is TIME for women to honor the Divine Feminine within and step into their Power, Wisdom. Passion and Creativity.
It is TIME to find your soul’s purpose and live the life you are intended to live.
It is TIME to experience more pleasure in your body and in your life.
It is TIME to connect with the Goddess within in your own way and own pace so you can experience more happiness, joy, and love in your life.
It is TIME for women to say NO when they mean No and Yes when they mean YES.


  • You are not ready to change
  • You don’t want to dive deep into the mystery of the Divine Feminine
  • You don’t want to invest in yourself
  • You are not ready to leave your comfort zone
  • You  are satisfied with the way things are
  • You are not willing to face your fears