Pat Burns, MS, CPC, CDP, LCSSE is the author of the award-winning book “Simply a Woman of Faith” How to Transform Your Life & Live in Spiritual Power, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and Licensed teacher of Sacred Awakening and Healing, Priestess, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Addiction Therapist, Inspirational Speaker, Workshop and Retreat Leader

Pat provides powerful guidance and wisdom and has been on her own spiritual journey for 45 years. She received her Master’s degree at Springfield College in Massachusetts and has been a  Licensed Alcohol and Drug therapist for over twenty-five years. She is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and completed two years at the Spiritual Life Center in Rhode Island. She attended the Holistic Leadership Institute at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.  She graduated from the Sacred Feminine Mystery School and is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and a Licensed teacher of Awakening and Healing.

“My story has brought me HOME TO MYSELF and who I am today. I don’t regret my past because it has given me gifts to share with women today. I have faced the past, the demons and the trauma that was blocked in my body for many years. I have been on the sexual healing journey for over 45 years and have done an enormous amount of healing and releasing including talk therapy, energy healing, breath work, and rebirthing.  It wasn’t easy bringing my sexual abuse to the light and feeling my feelings of anger, sadness, depression, and disgust. I have come full circle and have forgiven and healed the past. I am continually expanding and experiencing the pleasure that once was lost.”

In July 2010, Pat was asked to speak at a local church about her journey of faith and because of that talk, her life changed DRAMATICALLY.  In 2012, she left her family, friends, and business to follow her heart and move 3,000 miles away to Maui, Hawaii.

She has been living her dream and living on Maui since January 2012. She is presently leading retreats on the divine feminine and conducting workshops on Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing.

She met her soul mate, Larry, while dancing and they were best friends for 2 1/2 years before she realized that Larry was not only her best friend but her beloved soul mate. He surprised her and asked her to marry him at Christmas 2016 and they were married May 13th, 2017.  They are sharing their powerful love story and are writing a book together on Love.



Several months ago,  I listened to an audio by Caroline Muir and she talked about pleasure being a woman’s birthright.  I was curious and went to her website.  I watched a video of her demonstrating the Awakening and Healing process (AH). I cried and wanted to learn more

She and Amrita Grace were leading a week-long retreat on Maui and I knew I had to go, even though I didn’t know much about it. I attended the “Sacred Feminine Awakening and Healing Retreat” on Maui in April 2018.

The Sacred Awakening and Healing (AH) practice has changed my life and has greatly expanded my capacity to receive and give love. I am awakening to my own sexuality and pleasure, which has been suppressed for many years due to sexual wounding and abuse.  I have never experienced anything like this in all my years. I knew it was time to take my sexual power back, as well as clear lifetimes of trauma.

I have been given the KEYS to unlock the door of my heart to reclaim my life force energy and receive new life, freedom, passion, enlightenment, transformation, and healing. Because of childhood sexual abuse, I dissociated from my body and wouldn’t allow myself to receive sexual pleasure. I was happy to give sexual pleasure but had difficulty receiving it. As women, our birthright is a pleasure.

I believe the KEYS to my sexual healing was my WILLINGNESS, FAITH, COURAGE and a strong desire to heal deeply. Spirit had prepared me for this retreat that I needed and I was guided each step of the way. I am so grateful for my “YES” and that I didn’t let fear rob me as it had for many years. Instead, with the grace of God, I faced my fear head-on.

My experience was profound, deep, sacred, holy and powerful. There were women from the US, as well as from France, Peru, Argentina, Switzerland, Ireland, and Equador. The love and sisterhood that was created were extraordinary. We were women sharing and healing one another through our bodies and loving one another. Because we are all connected, what each of us does impacts all women.

Our leaders, Amrita Grace, and Caroline Muir, created a loving, sacred and safe container for all of us to open our hearts and heal trauma. We laughed, cried, played, swam, danced and meditated together I was surprised that several of the women had not been sexually abused, but were wounded and repressed from childhood, past relationships. both culturally and from their religion.

After attending the retreat and experiencing my own sexual awakening and healing, something stirred inside of me and I knew my soul was calling me deeper into this sacred work.

After praying and meditating to discern if it was God’s will and talking to Larry about it, I decided to apply for the 6-month teacher training program to become a “Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator.” I had just paid for the retreat and now I was considering putting out a big chunk of money again. GULP. I trusted the money would be provided if this was truly in alignment with God’s will. I knew that stepping out in faith before the money arrived is essential for my growth.

I knew I was answering a call from Spirit  When I called Amrita to tell her of my decision, she was excited and said, “You are the perfect kind of woman that I want to attract into the program.” We both had the chills as tears rolled down my cheeks. I am very excited, humbled and honored about this opportunity to serve and support women.

I truly believe that every woman would benefit from this sacred, holy experience. I have been awakened and given birth to myself. The only way I can describe what I am feeling is that I am on FIRE to share this sacred, holy work with all women. This work is powerful and profound as well as gentle and safe. I have EXPANDED and gone deeper than I ever thought possible. I am healing trauma and deep wounding in my body from this lifetime and past generations.


Pat facilitated a women’s workshop on Maui called  “Awakening to Your Sacred Sexuality” in January 2018

  Pat will be facilitating a weekend workshop in Rhode Island July 13-14th.