Sacred Awakening & Healing

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Through this powerful Sacred Awakening and Healing (AH)  process, if you choose to have a private session with me, or participate in a weekend, I will support you and help you release trauma, and experience healing so you can fully embrace your life force.

If you haven’t addressed your sexual healing, you may not be experiencing what you desire; financial abundance, healthy relationships and  the ability to make an impact on the world and live your soul purpose.

An Awakening and Healing session is gentle, safe, powerful. sacred and respectful.  These are the main components of a session.

  • You and I set an INTENTION to be shared before the session. This begins our communication, trust and the healing process. I am not the healer. You heal yourself as I hold space to enable you to release emotions freely.
  • GROUNDING establishes a solid physical connection with the earth and your body.
  • DEEP BREATHING accesses and releases blocked/stored emotions to make space for your intentions.
  • PRESENCE or “eye gazing” between us provides a direct soul connection. It removes barriers creating connection and forges trust between you and I. It gives full attention and awareness to the present moment. This presence awareness helps to reconnect yourself with your sexual essence. This practice is about being rather than doing. This deep soul connection creates profoundly altered states of consciousness.
  • CONSCIOUS LOVING TOUCH  The purpose of the touch helps relax you and invites energy into your body. This energy moves and releases as you express your true sacred self. Trauma and stuck energy are freed, where if repressed, they can become pain in our bodies.
  • Releasing through SOUNDS  Sounds enable you to bypass the thinking mind to access your body directly. The energy travels outwards from your throat chakra creating a vacuum in your throat. When this vacuum is created, it pulls the energy from the pelvis to the throat, allowing you to rapidly process memories and traumas to release long-stored energies from your body.



I AM OFFERING A COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute discovery call where we will discuss your needs and intentions. 401-862-8859 or email

SESSIONS TAKE PLACE in Kihei, Maui at my house or your home or in your hotel,

 A session lasts 90 minutes with time for integration.

The AH Practice has its origins in sacred spot healing and Tantra Yoga, though it is now moved beyond the realm of Tantra to become its own unique body of work. It originated from Caroline Muir founder of the Divine Feminine Institute. She advanced sacred spot healing into a more feminine practice and originated the fully clothed work. Amrita Grace evolved the work even further into the feminine to become a practice of presence. This is true Priestess work, becoming a hollow bone, an empty vessel for the spirit to move through you.

“I have found that Pat Burns has the heart and the focus to be an excellent channel for Sexual Awakening and Healing!  As simply a Woman of Faith, Pat brings her connection to the Divine, as well as her compassion, into the sessions. She embodies the safety we need … …Caroline Muir


We are in a time of great awakening in the world, especially with women coming forth and telling their stories of sexual abuse, being raped, molested, shamed and saying YES when they meant NO.
This practice is a self-healing modality for clearing emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual trauma, shame, and blocks to pleasure and enjoyment. Trauma is held as an emotional and energetic imprint in our bodies that can be released with this uniquely feminine healing practice. A sexual healing and awakening session is not focused on sexuality, but rather on releasing whatever no longer serves you. It makes space for whatever wants to awaken in you, including your own sensual nature and pleasure.
We all hold wounding from this life and past lives in our lower chakras, creating blocks to awakening and healing in all areas of our lives. The second chakra or sexual/yoni center is the source of our financial, sexual, creative and emotional life. It holds enormous power from bringing forth life, to pleasure far beyond imagination.
The yoni is an important spiritual and energetic center. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina, which translates “divine passage.” Sacred Sexual Healing is about honoring and healing this part of your body. The body holds the scars of trauma and emotional abuse. Trauma is held in the body, not the mind.

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, co-founded by Amrita Grace and Caroline Muir, is creating a global community of women who know how to assist you  in releasing and healing that which holds you back from  being a fully-expressed woman  through the uniquely feminine process globally celebrated as Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing.® 


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