“Coaching with Pat is having an earth-angel on your team. It’s profound, nourishing in every way and also one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I have worked with many healing professionals, as well as coaches in the course of healing my physical, emotional and spiritual body. Pat is one of the absolute best. I highly endorse Pat as a Spiritual Life Coach. She has helped me in every area of my life, as a mother and business owner, to achieve my goals. Pat has helped me gain clarity in business decisions and has helped me move forward. Pat’s coaching goes beyond coaching. She has a strong spiritual connection and she will  spontaneously send me e-mails with just the message I need at a given time.” Lisa Tener, Book Coach, Author
“I have been in spiritual direction for over 40 years and have never been as touched as I have with Pat in only two sessions. Her presence and love allow me to go to the deepest parts of myself, the places that are tender and broken and need God’s healing. Her spirit is filled with insight, depth, compassion… leaving one feeling empowered and loved. She is a woman of great wisdom and power. Your healing touch bless my body right down to my soul. Pat is an amazing woman who does tender soul holding-allowing for the truth to unfold from within. She is truly a gift from God, a major blessing in my life.”    Linda Pestana, Grief counselor, Author
“I highly recommend Spiritual Life Coaching with Pat Hastings. Before I started coaching, I was desperate and hopeless to the point of wanting to die. I was very unhappy, lonely, guilty and suicidal. Since I attended one of her retreats and started coaching with her, my life has changed dramatically. I now have hope & haven’t had any thoughts of harming myself. My whole outlook on life has changed and I am smiling again. I was brought up with a God of fear & now I know a God of love. Pat has taught me how to stand up for myself and not try to please everybody. I am learning how to be good to myself and love myself, which I didn’t know how to do. Pat is a special person and I am so grateful for her presence in my life.” Jeanne Ricco, Sales
“Our sessions together have changed my life in ways that I never considered possible. I am so grateful to you Pat for believing in me and helping me leave a very abusive marriage of 27 years. Your loving presence and patience helped me go within and find the courage and strength to ask for a divorce after being married for 27 years. I have never been happier and feel great about myself. I have gone from someone who could not move forward because of fear to someone who now pushes forward to new and exciting heights. I have gone back to school and have recently met the love of my life.” Maria Andrade, Administrative
“Pat is an amazing inspirational woman & I always hang up the phone at the end of the session feeling enlightened, renewed and with a new sense of self discovery and what I need to do to move forward. She has helped me through a difficult transition in my life, allowing me to gain clarity and trust in the process. She has encouraged me to deepen my daily spiritual practice and to trust God to go within for my answers. This has led me to believe in myself and to love and accept myself more. Pat has showed me how to identify and release deeply rooted thought patterns that were blocking the flow of Spirit through me. Your coaching has been life changing.”  Nina Welsh – Elderly Care
“I knew when I met Pat that God had sent her into my life… She truly radiates God’s peace and love. Pat, you will never know what you did for me the day I cried and shared my pain with you about my relationship with my son. For years, I have been beating up on myself for not being a “good enough” mother and couldn’t forgive myself. Your compassion and love freed me to love and forgive myself. It’s been empowering and my relationship with my son has improved tremendously. Through Pat’s own spiritual walk and wisdom, she has given me the tools to transform my life and reduce unnecessary stress. Lucille May Registered Nurse
“I thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Pat. She has many tools in her toolbox that she intuitively uses when needed ie. EFT, Energy healing, Prayer. During our sessions together, Pat was present and loving as she shared her wisdom and guidance. She encouraged me to go within for my answers and to trust myself. In our first session, Pat listened intently and encouraged me to talk about everything that was troubling me. It felt really good to be heard (and not be judged) and to hear myself about what was really going on. I felt so much lighter when I left the session and encouraged to continue on my path of spiritual awakening and healing. I recommend Pat as a Spiritual Life Coach for anyone who wants to move forward and live their life’s purpose. Pat’s personal spiritual journey is powerful and inspiring and she not only “talks her talk, but walks it.” Thank you Pat. Deborah Underwood, Therapist
“Pat has helped me in so many ways… her nurturing skills and professional training has guided me in areas of retirement, relationships, and that of a single mother of two grown children. Showing me how to set limits and boundaries for those around me has freed me to achieve my goals resulting in overall happiness. She has opened my heart and mind to spirituality. I read her book, “Simply A Woman of Faith” and was so moved and inspired by her journey. I started coaching with Pat for help with resentments resulting from being treated unfairly by some of those closest to me. With her guidance, I was able to use her life skills to assert myself and begin my healing. She taught me how to “allow” myself to be number one in my own life. I never hesitate to recommend Pat to my friends and family no matter how trivial the problem may seem. I consider my life blessed; knowing Pat makes it that much better.” Bette Jonasson
“Can you imagine having an opportunity to trust someone so completely that you jointly enter a space of love and peace? This was my experience during and after a healing session with Pat Burns. I am not a victim of rape or sexual abuse. In fact, I have enjoyed many male relationships over the years, and yet, something was always missing. It made me wonder what I was holding onto that was preventing me from feeling free and whole in myself. I knew I was longing for something greater, something way beyond gratification; something genuinely loving.  My choice to have an internal session with Pat became clear when I realized that I still have work to do to release repressed fear and shame. I also wanted to know that I actually could fully trust another. With Pat, I felt totally safe and never felt alone. As a result, I allowed a deeper level of vulnerability to transpire. In her loving and kind gaze, I was truly seen without judgment or expectation, and in her gentle hands, I was guided to let everything go. In the experience of being loved unconditionally, I felt loved by God and it truly was a holy experience. It felt like a universal offering beyond the body. I am so grateful that Pat has chosen to facilitate this powerful path to freedom, and so happy to have been touched by her soul. It was an honoring of two souls joining as one” Joanna  S., Denver, CO
“I have never experienced anything like this in my 69 years young. The Awakening and Healing sessions with Pat have been powerful, transformational, healing, sacred, profound and gentle all at the same time.  Although I trusted Pat, I felt uncomfortable and scared in the first session. I wasn’t able to feel much of anything including Pat’s touch in parts of my body that were numb due to sexual abuse starting at the age of 3 to 12. I wanted to release all that I had repressed for so many years and I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to remove blockages that robbed me all of my life of my sexuality and pleasure. Each session has been different and I have gone deeper into the pain that I repressed for so many years. I felt heat and divine energy moving up my chakras and flowing through Pat’s healing touch. It felt like electricity moving through my whole body.  When I went home after one of the sessions, my whole body felt like it was on fire inside and outside and it lasted for four hours. After four sacred sessions with Pat, I feel new life coming into my body and I am feeling happiness, and new sensations in my body like I have never felt before.  After one of the sessions, I told Pat that I felt joyful and a new sense of freedom within. Thank you, Pat, for you have truly found your life purpose and are making a profound difference in the world. I felt a deep connection, presence and love with you.“ Sharon L, Maui HI  Author & Publisher  
“What a potent and sacred clearing and embodiment of The Divine Goddess I experienced. WOW! During my session with Pat I felt so supported and cared for, that I could really go deep and be vulnerable in my sadness and rage. I have, as many women have, experienced varying degrees of physical, mental, emotional and sexual trauma through this and past lifetimes, as have many of the women in my lineage. I feel as if it is a part of my divine gift to let go of these programs, systems and beliefs of enslavement and domination of humanity and more specifically women and the divine feminine principle. However, these things run so deep and are truly so painful and scary to look at, its really necessary to find someone who can hold the space of Divine Love and Grace so fully and completely that it feels safe to ‘go there.” Pat is a master at this!  I have such deep, abundant gratitude to her for the work she is doing with such authentic love and wisdom. Thank you for the blessing Pat, and giving me the safe space to show up fully with all my Kali and dissolve all the demons into love.” Beverly  B. Maui, HI 
“The intention I set for my session was Openness to New Awakenings.  I have always felt comfortable sexually – barring the usual early teenage nervousness. Pat was the perfect instrument of this Awakening and Healing as her presence was confident, comfortable, caring and spiritual.  Her feminine knowing immediately brought me into a secure and peaceful place which became a beautiful spiritual experience.  A connection was soon felt between the spiritual and the physical which uplifted the soul and brought a new perspective to my femininity.  I truly felt elated and joyful and left with my Intention fulfilled.   I strongly recommend this to all women, whether entering with fears or not.  It was an amazing and magical experience.  Thank you, Pat.  You are truly meant to be sharing this gift.”  Sandy H.  Rhode Island 
“I felt safe with Pat and ready to do the deep healing with an open mind and heart. It was a very supportive session that allowed me to experience anger and grief connected to my past trauma. The universe provided by connecting me with Pat. Pat holds a sacred, compassionate and safe space as she facilitates healing and release. I released the numbness and blocks that have prevented me from experiencing pleasure with myself and a partner. I also released sorrow from my past and moved into gratitude and self-love. Throughout the sessions, mixed emotions were bubbling up. Pat kept me anchored through eye contact and breath. It was super helpful to make sounds to help me release emotions that were stuck inside of me. After the first session, I was able to achieve orgasm more easily and in a more fulfilling way.” Deborah. S. Maui, HI 

“Although I didn’t experience sexual trauma as part of my story, I did experience other types of equally heavy trauma in childhood, teens and in my twenties.  I was open to the experience to see what demons might be released from Pandora’s box. Because Pat created a safe environment and because of her loving energy, I felt I could trust her.  As a result,  some of the most difficult memories came up-things that I had never spoken about. That tells me, once again, that our bodies record everything and subconsciously all of that blocked energy is stored in our cellular memory, especially in the lower chakras. I am grateful to have done quite a bit of healing work already, and shared with Pat a relief that the session didn’t “take me out” the next day as it has in the past. Being courageous enough to explore this awakening and healing work can cause fear and apprehension, but Pat is truly answering her soul’s calling. She is the perfect match for holding space for women who are ready and willing to dive deep.” Anne S.  Maui, HI

“My experience of the Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing session with Pat was deep and profound. Pat’s calm, grounded presence in conjunction with the gorgeous Maui ambiance of her healing sanctuary, immediately put me at ease. This session opened me to a deeper connection with my own being and essential nature. I felt enveloped and held by the Divine Mother as I connected with my own energy and the blocks that want to be released. Following the session, my body felt more open and free. I know I have continued work to do based on my past sexual abuse and the societal traumas we all carry. However, I now feel I have a vehicle and path to help me navigate the deeper healing of my sexuality. I am grateful for that and for Pat’s proficiency in facilitating these beautiful sessions.” Nancy B, Colorado


“I attended Pat Burns Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing workshop on Maui in January and felt blessed to be there. There was an environment of safety and integrity that allowed me to relax and open to the sacred healing energy of the Divine Feminine. The physical environment of Maui coupled with Pat’s embodiment of this work created a safe container for the magic to unfold. I felt I was initiated into a new vortex of energy in my life. I know it is about opening to a deeper connection with and trust in the Divine Feminine. The healing work done with the other participants felt like being in a temple with priestesses doing holy work to heal one another. It was profound and moving. I feel changed. I honestly don’t know how to explain what took place. I am still deeply integrating the experience. It has opened me to Myself on a deeper level. This is deep healing that needs to happen in all our lives. I am grateful for the experience and can recommend  Pat’s facilitation of this sacred healing wholeheartedly/” Nancy B, Colorado

“It’s hard to put my thoughts into words. This work, with the eye-gazing, witness and facilitator roles was supportive, nurturing and tremendously powerful. The eye gazing throughout the session created a safe space for the raw, vulnerable emotions to come up. I was guided throughout the session with clarity and ease.  This gave me a sense of not being alone with my tears and pain. What came up for me is that I am not a broken woman because for years I felt the heavy burden of shame and feeling broken. I don’t identify with these feelings anymore.  Hooray!  I felt much lighter after the session and slept a lot the next day. Pat is a natural and I can really see why she is called into this sacred healing work.  Pat is a way-shower because she has healed her own wounds and can now be in service to other women by helping them release trauma and painful experiences. I think all women, everywhere would benefit from participating in a workshop like this”. Kerry H.  Maui, HI 

  I experienced a grounding and peacefulness in my body that I haven’t felt in some time connecting with other women. We spoke the same language of love and light for ourselves and for all beings. Bringing that love into our bodies to experience our full empowerment. I feel I received what I needed from the workshop “Awakening to Your Sacred Sexuality” and more.  I didn’t have any expectations so it was powerful beyond what I could have imagined. The connection to women and the freedom to express me in a safe healing environment felt sacred.”  Keja, Maui, HI

 “In a sacred, safe and supportive environment, with ease and grace my life was transformed of nine years of sexual abuse, destructive relationships, and grief after taking the “Awakening To Your Sacred Sexuality” weekend workshop. Through the simple processes, I was able to release my buried fears, anger, grief, tears, and rage. I was then able to experience joy and light-heartedness that I had never felt before. I found myself laughing, which seldom happens. I now have feeling in my breasts and sensations running through them. I’ve found it easy to approach men and feel confident in myself. With deepest appreciation and love I thank Pat Burns, and the circle of sisterhood, for the fabulous weekend and helping me to embrace my true sacred self. Sharon L Maui, HI


I haven’t experienced sexual trauma, but I believe this workshop “Opening to Your Sacred Sexuality” would be beneficial to every woman because we all have “blocks” of some sort and can be cleared and released through this powerful work. The self-care exercises were very beneficial.Pat C, Maryland